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About us

The impulse to start Dhaba Beas came to us naturally. After our first visit to India, we came back filled with inspiration. We knew that we wanted to offer people around us fresh food prepared without the use of meat and eggs. We didn’t hesitate: we brought over a native Indian chef, and with the intention to offer him as much experience as possible, we got to work.

We opened our first branch more than 15 years ago and have come a long way since then. A singe small vegetarian buffet has gradually transformed into a chain of 13 self-service restaurants with an aspiration to grow ever more.

Our goal is to serve food prepared with the utmost ethical respect to the world. Food that is tasty, nutritious, healthy, and affordable for everybody.

O nás

“Humankind cannot strive for happiness in the long run as long as it is based on killing animals.”

Every day tasty & healthy.

Always fresh We cook everyday from fresh ingredients, without semi-finished products and with responsibility.

No animal products Meat, fish and eggs are never used in preparation of our meals.

Authentic ingredients Basmati rice from Pakistan and legumes from India are the very basis for us. We only use high-quality seasonal vegetables supplied fresh and on a daily bases by our affiliated farms.

Always new We upgrade our menu every day. That’s why you will only find the best of Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, and international vegetarian and vegan cuisine in our restaurants.

No shortcuts while cooking Our company strives to never use genetically modified ingredients and sodium glutamate.

Every day tasty & healthy.

You can now find us
at 19 locations all around Prague.

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Price per weight:
100g for 27,90 CZK.

What we cook

In our restaurants, you will enjoy the best of Indian, Vietnamese, Thai and international vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

Our meals are perfected with fresh salads prepared in dozens of ways and ranging from a mix of crunchy lettuce to Wakabe seaweed. Our selection of side dishes includes rice, crunchy Indian chapati bread, or stuffed parantha. We also offer freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, our own home-made yoghurt and the Indian yoghurt-based lassi drink. On selected days, some of our restaurants offer a South Indian speciality called dosa.

In our own Dhaba Cafe you can enjoy a selection of vegan desserts along with excellent coffee from the Prague-based mamacoffee roasters.

Nearest restaurant
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